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finding bentley


Follow Pink and her loveable dog Bentley as they inadvertently embark (no pun intended) on an adventure into a spooky old mansion. Upon entering you’ll find that Bentley has ran deeper into the house, and it won’t take you long to realise why… 

Things just don’t seem right in this place, there sure is a lot of things going on. The brooms still seem to have a cleaning schedule… and the furniture doesn’t like being moved! When was the last time you tried to push a chair with attitude?

Beware the nasties and obstacles that can cause you serious harm… The Witches have very kindly left you plenty of candy to gorge on! I’m not sure of the recipe but the Jellybeans will have a worse effect on you than sprout and bean soup so be careful not to eat too much, or you’ll leave the house decidedly thinner than when you went in!!!

Game features

Don’t worry, its not too spoopy!!! 

Try not to want a Bentley too much!

He’s a chonky boy…

Various mechanics and environments keep things fresh… Just not your flatulence!