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Game industry direction – 

As a team we feel that some awesome game concepts are being discussed within the games industry but they quickly become very streamlined and somewhat repetitive experiences. It is obvious that the original idea behind games was to simply have fun and we think this is a fundamental that is missing in a lot of modern gaming. We all grew up with and believe that playing with other people in the same room is the most fun form of multiplayer and games are richer when they have interesting stories to tell. We would like to occupy a place of ‘nostalgic’ gaming as we all yearn for more in person experiences with straight up dumb fun and full on belly laughter.

We want to take an old school approach to game design and writing to create projects that are memorable and feel nostalgic despite being new and fresh. We hope this vision resonates with gamers around the world as we believe the best part of gaming is to personally share it with the people you care about. <3