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The history of DogBox

Our Story – 

We’d like to tell the story of where Dog Box Games began.


During the early months of 2020, all of the team members were getting on with their final modules of university and having a jolly old time. Then a lockdown appeared from a global pandemic… Nevertheless, all members went on to complete their university studies with flying colours. One of the many unfortunate (or fortunate in hindsight) side effects of the pandemic was that it was increasingly difficult to find work within the games industry. During the multiple lockdowns in 2020, people were continuously looking for work but to little avail. The now ‘company director’ Rob contacted a few friends and old workmates from university and suggested since there weren’t any opportunities for us, we should make our own opportunities. This resonated with everyone a lot and so the team was formed. He came to everyone with a game concept, one which has since evolved massively with the collaborative input of the team.


The team was put together based on Rob’s trust in members specific and unique abilities. Bara and Corey joined as the art team, Alex joined as Sound designer and Tom joined to head up the technical design. Summing up each member’s abilities in one title does not do them justice.

It would be unfair not to mention previous members of the team that have moved on to other projects and positions. Emily Harrison is an exceptional character artist and Genevieve Myhan an immensely talented animator, both of which helped to create and animate our title character.


The team has continued to work throughout 2021 and now into 2022 on the project ‘Finding Bentley: Mansion Madness’. With the right support and backing we aim to have this game completed by autumn 2023. 


Onwards and Upwards.


Thanks for reading!  

The real Bentley and the inspiration for our game!!!