Game Development Studio

Game industry direction

Game industry direction –  As a team we feel that some awesome game concepts are being discussed within the games industry but they quickly become very streamlined and somewhat repetitive experiences. It is obvious that the original idea behind games was to simply have fun and we think this is a fundamental that is missing […]


Get to know the team –  (Team Member Profiles)   Name – Robert Brough  Company Role – Company Director  Favourite Games Series – Counter Strike/The Elder Scrolls Favourite TV Show – Red Dwarf, Only Fools and Horses Favourite Song – Massive Attack – Teardrop Favourite Food – Anything with Cheese! Favourite Hobby – Gaming, History, […]

The history of DogBox

Our Story –  We’d like to tell the story of where Dog Box Games began.   During the early months of 2020, all of the team members were getting on with their final modules of university and having a jolly old time. Then a lockdown appeared from a global pandemic… Nevertheless, all members went on […]