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dispatching spooky ghosts in the most dank way possible!

We are currently working on our first game “Finding Bentley”… 

Pink is an inquisitive girl with a huge sense of adventure, or mis-adventure depending on the path you take!

After her furry companion Bentley seeks refuge in a seemingly abandoned house from a storm, Pink finds that it’s not as empty as it first appears, and that it’s a place where normal logic doesn’t really apply…


Who knew? Haunting ghosts has a cleaning schedule...

Learn spells and avoid the nasties (or take them out if you dare!!!) . Follow Bentley's pawprints deeper into the house and discover the magical story as to why it's seemingly alive... Find broken pieces of enchanted artefacts and return them to their origin to unlock minigames in whole new environments. Watch out for the mummies in ancient Egypt... they aren't the kind that change your nappy but may fill it!!!

Question & Answers

DogBox are a game development studio based in Middlesbrough. We are passionate about the work we do and the games we create. Find out more on our "about us" page.

We create fun and exciting projects and are currently developing our own game "Finding Bentley"... The real one can be found somewhere on this website.

We are a passionate and dedicated team of developers that take pride in any work we undertake, and aim to create honest and professional relationships with our partners and clients.

DogBox is an honest and fair place to work, where each employee has a voice that will always be heard.

Taking a collaborative approach to game design and development, the influence of each member can already be seen in "Finding Bentley" from art style to gameplay, narrative to humor.

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